How to Check Your Credit Score with Borrowell – Step-by-Step

What defines your financial health and credit access is your credit score. From loans, credit cards, and even renting apartment applications, your eligibility terms and interest rates will depend heavily upon this number.

An accurate credit score and report are key for maintaining finances and detecting potential problems early. Borrowell provides Canadians with an accessible online platform where they can gain free access to both of these. In this article, we’ll walk you through how Borrowell makes checking the credit score easy!

What Is Credit Score and Why It Is Important in Canada? 

The credit score, a numerical representation, defines creditworthiness. This ranges between 300 and 900 in Canada, with higher numbers signifying excellent reliability. Lenders use it as one measure against which to assess an individual’s ability to manage credit and repay loans responsibly and debts quickly.

Credit scores are determined using various components within an individual’s credit report. These reports are maintained by two major credit bureaus in Canada – Equifax and TransUnion, and the components they use for calculating the score include accounts held, payment history, credit inquiries made, and public records such as bankruptcies or court judgments. A person’s score measures how effectively they have managed their financial obligations and indicates future behavior.

Importance of Credit Scores in Canada

1. Borrowing Opportunities: The credit score immensely influences your ability to access financial products such as credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, and mortgages. A higher credit score increases the odds that these products are approved with more advantageous terms and lower rates.

2. Interest Rates: Lenders use credit scores to set interest rates they offer borrowers. Higher scores come with lower interest rates, potentially saving thousands in total interest payout for the loan duration.

3. Rental/Leasing: Landlords and property management companies often utilize credit scores when screening prospective tenants, with higher scores providing greater chances of finding suitable rentals or more advantageous lease terms.

4. Insurance Premiums: In some provinces, credit scores can affect your premiums for certain kinds of coverage, such as a car or homeowner insurance policies. A higher credit score could translate to reduced costs associated with your policy.

5. Employment Opportunities: Certain employers handling sensitive financial data may check an applicant’s credit score during hiring. Although they won’t see your actual number, they may receive an altered report with less personal information included in it.

How Canadian Residents Check Their Score with Borrowell?

Monitoring your credit score with Borrowell is easy! Follow these steps to access it:

1. Create an Account:

a. Visit Borrowell’s official website.

b. Clicking the “Sign Up” button will start the registration process for which you must provide personal details and your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

2. Identity Verification: Borrowell uses identity verification procedures to safeguard your credit information’s security and avoid unwarranted access from third parties. As part of this step, you must answer security questions or submit additional documentation for verification. Following the instructions during this process assists in completing it successfully!

3. Access Your Credit Score and Report: Once your account has been established and your identity confirmed, Borrowell will generate and give you access to your credit score and report. The report contains details regarding accounts you own and payment histories showing exactly all existing loans.

4. Review and Analyze: Take time to carefully review your credit report and score using Borrowell’s platform. With its straightforward explanations of each credit rating factor that influences it, analyzing the information becomes a simple task. Doing this analysis will enable you to spot any negative influences impacting your rating that can hinder its improvement and focus on ways of rectifying those.

5. Staying Up with Credit Health: Borrowell provides an ongoing means to monitor and keep an eye on your credit health. With monthly updates, you will have a real-time view of how things stand regarding identity theft or inaccuracies in your score, helping identify any discrepancies early and prevent irreparable damage to your score.

How Can Borrowell Assist with Credit Scores?

The following are the ways through which Borrowell assists its users:

• Free Credit Report Generation: Borrowell provides users free access to their credit scores through its platform, making it simple to track changes over time and monitor their financial health.

• Credit Report Access: Borrowell offers users a detailed view of their history, accounts, and payments so that they may spot any discrepancies which might be harming their score negatively. This allows users to identify errors that could hurt their scores.

• Credit Monitoring Alerts: Borrowell provides credit monitoring alert services that notify users about significant changes in their credit report, such as new account openings, late payments, inquiries into recent credits, and other events.

• Personalized Score Improvement Tips: Borrowell offers users personalized credit improvement tips based on their profiles. These insights allow users to better understand what factors impact their score and the strategies they can implement to increase it over time.

• Financial Recommendations: Borrowell offers product recommendations tailored to each user’s credit profile and score to increase the chances of approval. It helps improve their management responsibility while positively affecting the score.

• Financial Goal Setting: Borrowell’s platform empowers users to set financial goals, including increasing their credit score. Setting achievable objectives and tracking progress helps users remain motivated while working toward improving their overall health and enhancing credit health.

• Education on Credit: Borrowell provides educational resources on credit management, budgeting, and debt repayment strategies to equip users with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions that improve their credit scores. These resources give users strategies to take informed financial steps that positively influence their scores.

• Identity Theft Protection: Though Borrowell does not directly improve credit scores, its monitoring services can assist users with early signs of identity theft. By quickly recognizing fraudulent activity in its early stages, damage to one’s profile could be minimized and any lasting impacts reduced or prevented altogether.


Staying abreast of your credit score has never been more essential. And, Borrowellprovides an easy and user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to take control of their financial information. Such power and regular monitoring of credit health helps every individual make informed financial decisions.

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