Policy Advisor Insurance Review 2023

Whether you are an office worker, an entrepreneur, or a self-employed person, buying life insurance plans is essential for everyone. However, the problem is where people get the correct term life or permanent life insurance. 

Luckily, if you live in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba cities in Canada, you may check insurance plans from Policy Advisor. If you do not know the Policy Advisor’s features, check the Policy Advisor insurance review 2023 Canada.

What Policy Advisor Does 

Policy Advisor is a well-known digital insurance company. It has approximately 15 billion insurance quotes up to 2023. The company offers insurance products under whole life or universal life and term life insurance. Term life insurance covers a policyholder only for a specific period. In contrast, the universal life does not contain an expiry period. Policy Advisor online also offers a few other life insurance products to provide additional coverage. 

How Policy Advisor Works

Policy Advisor website works efficiently for every individual who wants to know about or buy its insurance products. Here, you will get several life insurance products depending on their scope and coverage. Simultaneously, the website has the option to click on the button ‘Get Instant Quote’ on its main page. 

Once you click on the Instant Quote option, the website prompts you to answer a few questions. These questions let Policy Advisor collect details about your name, date of birth, address, residency status, age, and gender. Besides, the website enquires whether you drink or smoke. Accordingly, the website will provide price range details related to various insurance policies as per your circumstances.  

Eligibility Criteria to Use Policy Advisor Platform

Individuals who want to use Policy Advisor should fulfill the following two eligibility criteria-

• The applicant must be a citizen of Canada. 

• The applicant should possess the majority age. 

Comparison of Policy Advisor Insurance Products/Services and Their Coverage/Scope

According to Policy Advisor insurance review 2023 Canada, the platform highlights the following insurance products/services with their scope or coverage.  

Products/Services Coverage/Scope 
Universal Life Insurance/Whole Life InsuranceYour life insurance will stay for a lifetime without expiry. Besides, the insurance may increase with time. 
Term Life Insurance PolicyIf you die within the coverage period, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum amount free from tax. 
Mortgage Insurance PolicyMortgage insurance is for everyone who wants to protect their homes, cars, or any other valuable fixed property. It is like term life insurance. 
No Medical or Guaranteed Life Insurance Categorized under life insurance, where you do not need to undergo health checkups and/or medical exams
Critical Illness InsurancePolicyholders will receive a lump sum and tax-free payment to get coverage for any type of critical illness. These include cancer, heart attack, or stroke. 
Disability Insurance Under this insurance, policyholders will receive a monthly compensation amount with zero tax if they cannot work due to a severe injury or illness.  
Children’s Insurance Parents, caregivers, or grandparents buy this permanent life insurance for their minor children to safeguard their future.

Note-The term for every type of term life insurance ranges between 10 years and 40 years. Besides, the company provides term life insurance offer to senior citizens up to 65 years. 

Specialties of Policy Advisor Website

Policy Advisor insurance review 2023 Canada has further highlighted the following Policy Advisor specialties, which make it a top choice among people in Canada.

Life Insurance QuotesFacility to obtain instant life insurance quotes from about 30 different insurers
ConsultationAvailable for free for about 30 minutes
Insurance CalculatorAvailable
Brokerage FeeZero
Consultation FeeZero
Terms AvailableFrom 10 years to 40 years with special terms of up to 65 years

Pros and Cons of Policy Advisor 

Policy Advisor insurance review 2023 Canada has even explained the advantages and drawbacks of a Policy Advisor. Accordingly-

Pros of the Website

Free Consultation with Licensed and Experienced Experts

Are you facing difficulty in choosing the right life insurance or term life insurance policy? You may communicate with an experienced and licensed expert Policy Advisor. For this, you may use email, phone, or web chat. The web chat feature is handy and on-site and it resolves your query immediately. 

Alternatively, you may call on the company’s toll-free number. Other than that, you may schedule your appointment with the website expert at your convenient time. The best thing is that you do not need to pay any consultation fee and the experts never work on any type of commission.

Faster Comparison of Insurance Types and Insurers 

Policy Advisor works with approximately 30 best insurance companies or insurance providers in Canada. Indeed, the platform provides diverse insurance policy types with competitive prices. Each of these valuable pieces of information will let you find the best one based on your income and other requirements. 

Involves Easy Application

Policy Advisor has made online applications easy for insurance buyers. You may apply for the insurance of your choice with the help of this website. Only, you need to enter your name, age, and a few other essential details. Accordingly, the website allows you to compare the available options to choose the best and budget-friendly insurance. Once you select a specific insurance policy, you may even apply for it directly via the Policy Advisor website. 

Contains a Huge Array of Insurance Policies

Even though the focus of the Policy Advisor website is term life insurance, you may get details related to other insurance plans as well. These include whole life insurance, critical illness insurance, simplified life insurance, no medical or guaranteed life insurance, disability insurance, mortgage protection insurance, and children’s insurance. 

Availability of Life Insurance Calculator 

Do you have any doubts related to your overall insurance coverage requirement? Use the handy life insurance calculator by Policy Advisor to identify the right amount. Enter the numbers in the given field to know the life insurance you require. 

Cons of the Website 

Service availability is the major drawback of the Policy Advisor website. The reason is that the brokerage has a license to operate only in British Columbia or BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba.


Policy Advisor provides the fastest and easiest way to get life insurance quotes from a few of the top insurance companies in Canada. It has an easy online application, an in-built life insurance calculator, and free consultation to identify your insurance requirements accurately. Select the most appropriate life insurance plan and save your money in the entire process.  

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