Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance Review and Benefits

Are you looking for a reliable life insurance policy coverage that lasts for your lifetime? You should get the Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage offered by Sun Life Group in Canada. As the name itself, the policy will cover you and other beneficiaries for their entire life that too without asking any medical questions. 

In other words, Sun Life Group in Canada will offer you guaranteed life insurance even when you have an existing health condition. However, before you should apply for a guaranteed no medical insurance policy, you should check some of the essential aspects based on Sun Life Guaranteed no medical insurance reviews and benefits.

Scope of Insurance Coverage

Sun Life Go Guaranteed with no medical insurance comes in diverse amounts. These include $25,000, $20,000, $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000. The amount of coverage will help a policyholder by covering the expenses of end-of-life, which are medical and funeral costs. The guaranteed no medical life insurance by Sun Life also provides a small legacy for both grandchildren and children of policyholders. Another noticing aspect is that Sun Life allows you to add the maximum coverage of $25,000 in case you need more. However, you may cancel the coverage anytime you want. Sun Life’s insurance provider also gives you a full refund if anyone cancels the policy in the initial 30 days of the policy. 

Benefits of Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Insurance 

You may apply for the guaranteed no medical insurance within a few minutes without any need to answer health or medical questions.

The policy gives you instant coverage after you apply for it. 

Both monthly payments and insurance coverage remain the same for your entire life. 

Sun Life team allows you to cancel your insurance policy anytime. However, if you do so within the initial 30 days of your guaranteed life insurance policy, you will receive a complete refund. 

Review and Analysis of Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Insurance Policy

Mechanism of the Life Insurance Policy

Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance helps you to get lifetime coverage. The insurance company will pay your beneficiaries after your death. You only need to pay regular premiums to approve your claim. The amount of premium you choose to pay per month will stay unchanged until you reach 95 years of age. 

At the same age, you will stop your premium but your life insurance will provide coverage for the remaining years of your life. However, a policyholder may end up paying a relatively higher premium amount as compared to the death benefit your beneficiaries may receive. Another issue associated with this insurance plan is that the company will pay you a relatively less amount for the death benefit if you die before 82 years of your age. 

Limitations in Our Insurance Coverage

Sun Life may limit your guaranteed no medical insurance claim or coverage in the following conditions-

If you die only within the initial two years of your insurance policy unless you have an accidental death.

You will get a refund of your paid premium amounts by deducting the administrative fees. 

Even though you apply for Go Guaranteed life insurance twice, Sun Life will provide coverage of only up to $25,000.  

Eligibility Criteria to Buy the Insurance Plan

Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance is for everyone living in Canada from 30 years of age to 74 years of age. The company will accept your coverage even when you have any type of existing health condition. A policyholder does not need to answer any question related to his medical condition and undergo medical exams or health checkups. One can get permanent coverage, which will last for the entire life once you apply for the insurance.

Monthly Cost of Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance 

Your monthly cost associated with the Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance will depend on many things. These include the age and sex of the applicant, whether the applicant smokes, and the required insurance amount. 

Note-Unlike other types of life insurance policies, guaranteed life insurance does not mandate you to answer any health question. Indeed, the policy will cost you more than any other type of life insurance offered by Sun Life. 


Overall, Guaranteed life insurance coverage by Sun Life will last for the lifetime of policyholders without answering any health condition-related queries. Therefore, if you want to cover end-of-life expenses, you should get Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance to get coverage up to $25,000. 

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